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1st Trimester Must-Haves

Leah WilligComment
1st Trimester Must-Haves

The first trimester for my current pregnancy and with Asher have/were AWFUL. There is no sugar coating this stage. I envy the women who only get the bigger boobs and no nausea haha! BUT..i have good news. I am sharing the few things that helped me get through the first few weeks. Nothing I have tried 100% takes away my symptoms, but these items made it bearable for sure! ALSO, a little hope, this is TEMPORARY and by alllll means worth every trip to the bathroom and food that you cant eat anymore.

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  1. PInk Stork Morning Sickness Tea. My nausea was typically in the late afternoon & evenings until I went to sleep. I drank this tea before or after a small dinner to help me not to get sick. The taste is amazing and some women have even said that it helps with migraines!

  2. Cheez Its (Extra Toasty). Every woman’s tastes and food tolerances are different throughought pregnancy, but to me these were life saving. Every hour or so I would just eat a handful in order to always keep something on my stomach. This was super easy because I work a full time job so I just kept these on my desk!

  3. Peppermint Bath Soak. My nightly baths were my saving grace. It gave me something to look forward to and they were super relaxing thanks to this peppermint soak! I got a migraines at least every other day, so the peppermint aided greatly in treating/preventing those.

  4. Kopari Lip Gloss. This gloss is some of the best I have ever used! It is ultra hydrating and for some reason this pregnancy, my lips have been extra dry ?! It also makes you feel like a woman when you are feeling horrible and do not even want to run a brush through your hair (yes, that happened a few days).

  5. SeaBands. This is the product that helped the most with my nausea. I did not use them during my pregnancy with Asher but I wish I would have! The thing I like about them most, is that they start working within 5 minutes! The only negative about the Sea Bands is the look of them. My husband liked to tease me and say “You about to ball girl” because they look like sweat bands-but hey they work!

  6. Ginger Ale. Self Explanatory, real ginger ale is better of course, but harder to find.

  7. A Comfy Sweatshirt. I had very low energy and motivation during my first trimester because I felt so horrible, so being comfy was a top priority! I purchased this sweatshirt for that exact reason! It is SUPERRR comfy and its on sale right now, too!

  8. Pre-Natal Vitamins. These Smarty Pants vitamins have been the only ones I can bare the taste of. Bottom line, you gotta have them, so regardless of taste, help grow that sweet babe!

  9. Dry Shampoo. This is a brand new formula of the best dry shampoo! It is hydrating AND does not leave a white residue! Dry shampoo is a staple for me, pregnant or not, but especially during my first trimester because I have NO ENERGY to wash my long thick hair! This stuff is liquid gold, until I start pumping out the real liquid gold that is ;)

  10. Scrunchies. Having a cute, fun way to put up your hair makes you feel a tad bit better about yourself, and this is a 20 pack for under $10! Amazon for the win.. ALWAYS!

  11. Water Jug. This is a WalMart find and it is large-perfect for all of the water you’ll need during this time! I love this bottle so much, I ordered reusable, bent straws to put in this as well! Great, cute way to get your water intake!

If you are currently in your first trimester, may the force be with you! HAHA! Another thing that helped me during this time, was planning for the future babe! It helped remind myself that this is only temporary and it was fun to plan- keep the eye on the prize!