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Thoughtful VDay Gifts

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Thoughtful VDay Gifts

Tired of the cheesy teddy bears holding a box of chocolates? ME TOO. They cute but I have found some amazing gits and things that would be easy to make/gift your lover!

  1. Map (of a special place)

    I’M SO IN LOVE with this! Mapiful is the name of the company and they are high quality maps of anywhere in the world! They are totally customize-able with various color options. I wanted this to be a romantic gift to my man, so I chose our wedding venue, The Corry House. It is so so sweet to see it above our bed every morning & it helps me be sweeter to him when he’s stealing the covers ;) This would be a perfect gift for your love!

    CLICK HERE to go to the Mapiful Site and create your own!


2. Date In A Box

So I have not done this one yet, but the possibilities are ENDLESS. You can even get creative with the ”box”. It could be a tackle box, giant popcorn bowl, basket, shoe box, caboodles (since they’re back now), etc. You could put things in it like tickets to a game/show and a shirt you picked out for them. You could even get your babysitter involved and have a “coupon” from them in the box! Please share your ideas with me if you this-they are so fun! I have found some fun pics on pinterest that I will post below!

CLICK HERE for the Pinterest link!


3. Our Love Story Book

OK, this is for the mushy ones. You can go two routes with this ones as well, completely handmade or through a website. Love Book is a great site to create one-totally personalized. Or you can go print out pictures, practice your best handwriting skills and hit up Hobby Lobby! You could start with, “I’ve prayed for you even before I knew you” .. or “The first time I saw you” .. so many cute and heartfelt options! I have rounded up some example pictures!

CLICK HERE for the Love Book site

CLICK HERE for the Pinterest link

CLICK HERE for Shutterfly

I hope some of these ideas have inpired you and have gotten your love mojo flowing! Happy Valentines Babes!