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Most IG worthy spots in Atlanta

Leah WilligComment
Most IG worthy spots in Atlanta

This post is in collabs with my bestie, Tiffany (IG @abunnysinstatale) && our shared love for color and murals! We both have 2 year old boys and we have the most epic play dates.. planned around these IG Worthy murals of course ;) 

1. Westside Cultural Arts Center. 760 10th St NW. 

arts centerr.jpg

This spot is so dope because the walls are so different every couple of feet, so you can literally shoot in 5-7 places and it will look like different walls!  You can park along the street or in a small lot right next to the red & blue loading docks! 

2. Disco Kroger. 3330 Piedmont Rd NE #18.

disco wall.jpg

This mural is actually painted on the side of Binders Art Supplies & Frames, which is connedcted to the right side of the Kroger in Buckhead!  This mural gives you many different options for backdrops and there are no parking spots in front of the disco ball, woop woop! 

3. Summerhill Neighborhood. Georgia Avenue.


This neighborhood was a part of the "Living Walls" festival & there are numerous murals! Georgia Ave is just a block from the former Atlanta Braves field, Turner Field. 

4. Atlanta Peach Mural. 537 Ponce de Leon Ave. 

atl peach.jpeg

This Greg Mike mural is a collaboration with Coca Cola's new peach flavor & it's one of our favorites of Greg Mike. It is two blocks past Ponce City Market on Ponce Ave. 

5. Atlanta Braves Mural. 675 Ponce de Leon Ave. 


This is yet another Greg Mike collab, now with the Atlanta Braves.  It is on the wall right by the main bridge by Ponce City Market. Parking is tricky around here, and if you are not going into the store or restaurant you parked by, you will get booted!  There is designated parking for Ponce City Market, to the side & behind the face of the building!

6. The Beltline 

Paris on Ponce (Turning left out of Ponce City Market onto the Beltline).

The "Best of Atlanta" mural is right around the corner from the flower mural! If you continue on the path you will run into two of the most popular murals on the Beltline...

There are a few walls leaning more towards the grafitti genre if you turn right out of Ponce City Market, like this one: 


7.  YoYo Ferro Mural at College Park 


This mural is at the corner of Main & Harvard St in College Park.  Yoyo's work is super distinguished, the key trait to a muralist.  You can see his work throughout the city, even on sides of a couple schools: The New School (Cabbagetown), SCAD (Midtown), & Cross Keys (Dekalb School System). 

8. Gusto! 1935 Peachtree Rd NW 


This is an Instagram "have to" with the wings right?!  You can park in the back & make sure to grab some bomb food! 

9. Tropical Woman. 119 Randolph St NW 


This mural is in a neighborhood and has major tropical vibes.  You can park right alongside the mural on the side of the street. 

10. Krog Street Market. 1 Krog St NE. 

This area is a mural dream!  The famous Krog Street Tunnel is the corridor to the above murals. Parking is sparce and be careful not to park in a tow way zone!  Greg Mike's "Loudmouf" is featured in a few of these as well! 

Wether you're just visiting Atlanta or a native, we hpe you enjoy this easy to navigate & locate ATL Mural Post!!!  Please drop us your feedback below! XO