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A Bug's Room

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A Bug's Room

Happy Weekend Babes!  

The nesting phase of pregnancy was the ONLY thing I "enjoyed" about being preggo (ya girl had a rough one).  Asher's room was a dream to decorate.  I remember those late nights when I couldn't sleep, I'd be in his room hammering, measuring, and hanging my butt away.  His room details I am sharing today are not all the original decor, I wanted more black and white so I gave him a room makeover for part of his first Birthday...because that was obviously on top of HIS Birthday list- HAHA! 



The biggest challenge I had with his room was that there are NO windows!  I love our house, don't get me wrong.  It is the cutest little 50s charmer!!  But as you know, an older house has outdated styles and sometimes even weird non functioning appliances.  The walls were also a dark wood paneling-gross!  My wonderful father in law painted the room bright white, and it instantly brightened the room.  Another eye sore was the non-functioning heater.  I mean this thing was U-G-L-Y (you ain't got no alibi).  I channeled all my nesting and creativity powers and transformed it into a cute, hip chalkboard!  My pregnancy brain did not take ANY before pictures, so you will just have to take my words and imagine the "before" :)  



Below I am linking all of my favorite pieces from Asher's room!  Just simply click the picture, and it will take you directly to the site if you want to purchase!!  


This organic, muslin crib sheet is a dream..can I get a Queen sized one please?


The print on the right we had screened on a piece of metal, and I just used command strips to hang on the wall! AH-that tiny face!!


The "Ww" flashcard was the FIRST thing I bought for Asher's nursery, even before we knew he was a dude!  This wall art is hanging above his changing table and he yells PANDA!!!! every time i lay him down to change him! 


Beautiful right?!  It gives me all the Grandma's house feels.  I bought this from Hobby Lobby on major clearance- $13 !!??


Some of my favorite books-I hid all the Christmas books for this picture, but I truly am a Christmas freak, and we read them allllll year long!

image1 (18).JPG
image2 (2).JPG

This picture features two things that have SALVAGED my husband and I's sanity- the diffuser & the sound machine.  The sound machine has 10 different sounds and it ahs become Asher's favorite part of his bedtime routine (choosing what sound he wants to sleep to).  I usually diffuse a peaceful sleep oil blend or if my mother senses detect a sickness brewing, I go straight for "On Guard" (DoTerra Brand).  And yes, that is a plant stand that they're both sitting on! 

Thank you guys for following along on my "wannabe" interior designer journey!  Writing this post almost makes me want another baby asap, just so I can decorate another nursery!