OUR Beach Vacay

OUR Beach Vacay

I am a planner, so the minute we booked our vacation, I began our itinerary.  As I was scheduling everything and asking my husband what he wanted to do, I was only getting frustrated. Why?  Because he was offering no ideas and repeating the phrase "we'll figure it out when we get there".  If you are like me in any way, that is a terrible phrase to hear-haha! I like to have "planned relaxation".. oxymoron anyone?? I chose to relinquish most of my planning urges on this vacay and it was the best decision EVERRR!  

So off to Seacrest Beach, Florida we went!  We made the best memories out of spontaneous situations and I didn't freak.  We had bikes at our beach house, so we rented a pull along seater for Asher and explored the cutest towns and beaches! We HIGHLY recommend the area we went to.  Seacrest Beach Resort is where we stayed, and it was right between Rosemary and Aly's Beach.  It did NOT feel like we were in the states.. GORGEOUS architecture and serene (private) beaches.  Also, there was a 12k square foot pool steps outside of our house that Asher was obsessed with, and so were we!  We are already planning to go back in October! :) 

Anyone with kids, knows it is no joke traveling with them.  I am also no expert as this was only our first real get away just the three of us, but I have listed below a few things that were life savers in traveling with our bug! 

  1. KEEPING THE ROUTINE. This was so importnat.  You are already in a foreign place, so keeping things as close to your routine as possible will eliminate extra fussiness, melt downs, and stress.  Cory looked at me with those "my wife is insane" eyes when I was packing Asher's whole room up before we left for our trip, but I had a plan.  Ok, so I did not pack his whole room but everything that coordinated with bedtime, I did.  I brought along his diffuser, sound machine, oils, bath toys, and blankets.  When it came time for bed, I did everything I would as if we were home, even let him shut the light off, say "night-night" to doggy (who was 400 miles away), and shut the door to his room.  And the little babe slept like an ANGEL.  
  2. BEACH ESSENTIALS.  I was so nervous about the beach and our babe, and over thought this aspect.  But as long as you have a few key items, they will have a blast.  The best things for us were sunscreen (duh), water (we used an insulated thermos to keep it cool), snacks, a rented over-sized umbrella, large soft beach towel, baby powder (to remove the sand without irritation), a mini inflatable pool (to have a sand free zone for him), and beach toys!  
  3.  KNOWING WHEN TO RETREAT.  If it were up to me, selfishly I could have jam-packed our vacation with activities and places and things to do.  But Cory and Asher had a different point of view lol. NAP TIME was clutch, and my husband is the master of getting Asher down for a nap and for that I will be forever grateful.  Mama got to lay by the pool for 2 hours every day we were there thanks to nap time, and let me tell you how glorious it was to do absolutely nothing. I filled up my pineapple cup, grabbed the doritos, and found the chair with the most sun.  It is the simple things in motherhood, am I right?!  Sometimes as parents we forget that our little ones need rest and become exhausted much quicker than us, but it makes a world of difference, even if you only have time to give them a few minutes to chill.  

I have rounded up things that made our vacay that much better (& CUTER), just simply click on a picture for the details/direct link.