Happy Friday Babes! 

I feel like the #momiform gets a bad rep sometimes, and this post is all about changing that!  My definition of a momiform is a comfy and versatile look, but at the same dang time, lookin hot while you chase your little one! My version of a momiform, is a soft casual tee, comfy jeans or leggings, and either a wedge or sneakers.

As mamas, we MUST feel confident with wherever we are body wise.  If we are confident, we are usually happy and when mama is happy, everyone is happy :) Am I right? YES. (just feed us, fuel us with coffee, and tell us we're  pretty) 

It took me a year after Asher was born (March 8, 2016) to gain my body confidence back.  And is my body what it was before I had him? HECK NO.  I have hips you can park a boat on now and mermaid legs with no thigh gap in sight.  But that is OKAY.  Our little bug is worth every size up! Once you learn to embrace and love the new you, is when you feel ahmazzzinggg in anything you put on-which is how you all deserve to feel!  People always tell me "Oh, I could never pull that off" and my reply will always be, "yes you can, just wear it". Confidence is the best accessory. 


All that to say, here are my best comfy, sexy mama outfits.  (P.S. these looks are for any woman- mama or not )  All product pictures are linked!