My Daily Makeup Routine

My Daily Makeup Routine

This summer  I am LOVING the dewy makeup trend & my daily products are perfect for capturing that look.  This look is also fast and easy enough for the newbie to makeup too ! And let's face it mamas- we need a quick routine so we can get back to our little babes!

I have linked all the products I love and use to achieve my daily look, just simply click on the picture to get details! 

As I was writing this post, I discovered that I have an obsession with Too Faced Cosmetics.  Their products are definitely on the higher end compared to drugstore prices, but they are very high quality!  For example, I have had the "chocolate bon-bons" eye shadow palette for a year and a half now (and used it almost every day) and only two colors are at the bottom of the tin!  Too Faced is also cruelty-free.. save the bunnies; and all of their products smell so yummy!  I mean chocolate brownie? Peach? Bon-bons? Yes PLEASE! 

My go-to's in this palette are "Cobbler", "Bellini", & "Summer Yum".  They blend super well and last all day- YASSS! If I am feeling foxyy, I go for the "Talk Derby To Me" *how cute* 


The rose water spray is the most recent addition to my daily makeup routine- and I love it!  I use it as a primer and a setter.  I have always struggled with breakouts and this is an all natural way to prime and set your makeup without clogging your pores.  It also smells ahhh-mazing! 

I also need to mention Tarte cosmetics.  Their products are all natural and cruelty free as well.  I especially love their foundations and concealers.  I have heard so many people swear by Tarte's "shape tape" concealer-and let me tell you, it is worth the hype!  It not only has great coverage, it makes your skin look smooth.  

Mad love for this Dynamic Duo

I am by NO MEANS a makeup artist, but I have grown to love makeup and I have learned to love the skin I am inn with products that fit for me! I am considering taking on a makeup tutorial, but only if you guys are interested- so let a BABE know :) 

As much as a priority our society puts on appearances, it is easy to get caught up in the "i have to have" or "I have to look like that" but always ALWAYS remember that you are the only you, and confident, strong, and happy women are the prettiest!