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DIY Christmas Advent

Leah Willig2 Comments
DIY Christmas Advent

It's the most wonderful time of the YEARRRRRRR...so why not have a fun, daily, family countdown while creating the most precious memories!?

Since becoming a mama, everything has a new joy to it, Christmas being no exception.  When it comes to Christmas decor, I love it all.  BUT, I have realized over the years that I am picky about advents, what the heck?! HA! I wanted something that was personal to our family and more exciting than opening a flap. I wanted to do this last year but Asher was only 9 months and I said screw it, I'll wait until next year to fulfill my advent dreams.  So, this advent is what I landed upon! I was able to knock it out in two hours and had so much fun assembling it! 


What you will need:

1. Dowel Rod (or straight(ish) branch)

2. Various Ribbon Spools

3. Envelopes and/or small sacks 

4. Activity Cards (see bottom of post for the print outs I used)

5. Small Prizes (see picture for ideas) 

6. Hole Puncher + Scissors + Nail 

7. Garland (optional) 


FIRST, I wrapped a thin garland around the dowel rod. 

SECOND, I whipped out my calendar and made sure the cards were realistic to the day I was putting it in.  For example, there's no way we are going ice skating on a Tuesday night when I'm doing good just to get home and get us fed by 8:30! :)  I simultaneously placed the day of the month stickers on the sacks & envelopes.

THIRD, I put all of the toys/stickers/candy inside a day.  There were a few that did not have a toy in them for example, on days we were doing something extra fun like making a gingerbread house! 

FOURTH, I hole punched the envelopes and sacks and threaded the ribbon through.

FIFTH, I started tying the envelopes + sacks onto the dowel rod. TIP: tie December 12 on in the middle first so you can make sure you will have evenly dispersed sacks + envelopes! 

SIXTH, it is now time to hang! If you still have little toddler hands that claim everything "MINE" make sure and hang it out of those cutie hands' reach! I taped the thinnest ribbon I had on both ends of the rod, and simply hung on a small nail! 


ALL of my supplies for this gorg advent are from Target + Hobby Lobby.  HL had so many cute options for the sacks/envelopes, making it super simple to make this completely styled to you! Target's "dollar spot" and stocking stuffer section was a gold mine in "mini" toys and candies!

What I love about sharing this advent is that is SO versatile! You can simply print the cards, put them in envelopes and put them on your babe(s) breakfast plate. Let your imagination & family inspire how you make this your own!  Please share if you do this and how you customize it to your style & family! 

For the cutest advent cards, click the image below and it will take you directly to link to print, for FREE!