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Fall Makeup

Leah WilligComment
Fall Makeup

Below I have linked all the products I use to complete my everyday “fall look”. Click any product to directly take you to details & to purchase!


My Top 5 Makeup Tips

  1. Use your bronzer as an eye shadow! Super easy and effortless + it ties in your whole look being that you have used it on your eyes and your cheeks!

  2. Put your lip liner ALL OVER your lips, not just on the outer parts. Also, rub it in, blending it it to make it more seamless when you put your lipstick on!

  3. ROSEHIP OIL. This stuff is liquid gold for your face! I use it as a moisturizer in my daily skincare regimen, but also i put one pump on my face before applying foundation and concealer.

  4. To make your eyes pop, use a dark eye shadow (if you put a darker shade in your crease, use the same one) to underline the bottom of your eyes! It seriously makes your eyes go from blah to OMG!!

  5. Switch up your foundation, especially if you are using a full coverage foundation. My face “gets used to” my foundation after a couple months and begins not to cover any blemish or imperfection! So i typically have two foundations on hand to avoid this problem!


If you have any other questions about my routine, leave them in the comments below!