A lifestyle blog with a life-changing purpose


My name is Leah, but my favorite things to be called are mama & wifey.  I married my college sweetheart (Cory) and two years later we had our beautiful boy, Asher.  Life with my boys is cray, seriously, they both never run out of energy! So really i am a mother of two...HA! We live in Atlanta, Georgia, and are both chasing our dreams while learning and loving to be the best parents we can! 

  I am fiercely independent and personally believe that a woman can do anything a man can in this world- GIRL POWER!  I am definitely the girl who takes on wayyyy too much and says yes to everyone & everything.  For example, I am a wife, mama, full time Education Director, wannabe chef & fitness guru, Etsy shop owner, and now a blogger?  Don't be impressed-I fail in these categories all the time but I am learning to prioritize and balance with each new day. 

This blog is all about the things I am passionate about (fashion, beauty, food, fitness, my boys) , including my calling in life.  I have been given a heart for young girls, and specifically those who are insecure, taken advantage of, and under served.  My dream is to see an end to sex trafficking.  As I was discovering this passion I was given a Bible verse: 2 Corinthians 5:17  "If anyone belongs to Christ, there is a new creation.  The old things have gone, everything is made new".  HENCE..... my blog name: A NEW BABE.  & the lotus flower (my blog logo) symbolizes new life! No matter what life has taken you through, there is always new life, and we are all BABES, we just need to realize this ! 

I hope you enjoy following along with my little family & the journey to my dreams!  




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